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tv   11 News Today  NBC  April 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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to reach the shore. we will have the latest on the efforts to contain it. >> the orioles are making it geter for tickfans to tickets. >> if you are not a fan of warm weather, this is the weekend you have been waiting for. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. happy friday. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us. we have a check on the forecast. >> we said happy friday. it is because temperatures have been rising. it is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. the trend will continue. for awhile, rain-free. look at the hd doppler radar. there are a few sprinkles in new
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york state. a few wispy clouds around here. we see some storms around iowa. that is a cold front that will be edging eastward. it will be moving slowly. until things get closer to us, we are in great shape. ahead of that storm, a nice, warm, southerly breeze. more details coming up. but first we checked traffic. let's see what sarah caldwell has to say. >> it is looking good for now. couple of things to talk about. there is some police the apartment activity at lexington. there are continued closures at lombard. otherwise, a nice ride southbound 95 break 47 -- things are moving well on the j.f.x. southbound. the rest of the major roadways
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look great. 10 minutes is your drive time down to 32. 11 minutes on the north and west side. and easy ride. let's check the area roads. we will switch over to it live view. going away from us is southbound traffic and running without delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico is beginning to come ashore, raging feared of widespread damage. >> we have the latest on the storm. >> oil from the massive slick reached the the louisiana marsh lands. >> we are deploying as if this would be a major incident. >> a team of secretaries sent to
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the region will direct the cleanup effort. >> we will continue to use every available resource at our disposal including the department of defense to address the incident. >> that military presence could include ships and satellite already deployed to the area. national guard troops are already under way. this is a process that could get worse if crews cannot contain the leak. later today, and drilling is expected to begin on a relief well to force oil from the rig. that process could take 90 days. >> this could affect our culture for years and years to come. >> especially oil already beginning to coat the sure.
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forecasters say the wind could push oil into parts of mississippi and alabama through the weekend. >> the backlash against the new immigration enforcement law is now headed to court. the blood galilee is being challenged. -- the legality is being challenged. the mayor of minnesota said they will ban employees from using business to do -- pop singers are cancelling their appearance in arizona until the lot is appealed. >> -- until the law is appealed.
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>> i believe firmly in the message that the u.s. has sent to the rest of the world, a message of justice and freedom. i do not want to see this tarnished what this country stands for. >> pressure is mounting on major league baseball to pull its plans to host the all-star game isarizona and less that whlaw repealed. jennifer franciotti is live with more on the story. >> patrick mcdonough it is leading the charge against illegal immigration in maryland. he has introduced dozens of pieces of legislation and he wants to draft another one like the one signed into law in arizona.
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anyone who raises suspicion that they are an illegal alien. police would then be able to make an arrest. >> there is language patterned after the federal law that says you cannot engage in racial profiling. >> we will have opposition to this plan and give you an idea how much illegal immigration is costing taxpayers here in maryland. >> the three men accused of murdering can harris are expected to stand trial today. the three men are all charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of the former councilmen during an attempted robbery. the trial was supposed to have started back in january but was postponed. >> police have arrested two more
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suspects in connection with a home invasion in towson. troy neal traylor and olivari damon bradford are accused of being part of a group that held several people at knifepoint bomb-making off with computers and other valuables. two other suspects were arrested last week. in life was claimed of the father of a baltimore city police officer. two men are currently being held on drug charges after wednesday's crash that killed albert davis. the pair were trying to be arrested when they jumped into their car and took off. it was the actions of the suspects that caused the accident. >> these were plainclothes officers. but the time they got to the cars, the suspects already fled.
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>> please tell us traffic and manslaughter charges are pending against both suspects. >> the names of the people killed in a plane crash have been released. stephen james reardon and beverly ann reardon died when their plane dropped out of the sky. eardon said he was maintaining air speed. it is not been determined if this played a part in the deadly crash. >> public works crews work out a water main valve. water service will have to be cut off for several neighborhoods. they include turkey point, and maryland avenue. back river neck road will be closed in both directions
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beginning at 9:00 p.m. tonight. water service is expected to be restored by noon tomorrow. >> anyone looking around will park knows there is no shortage of available seats tirpitz harder to find tickets because the orioles eliminated their scalp-free zone around the stadium. fans say the stadium is free of scalp-free zone and the price of on the streetale of the centu is going up. >> it is mind-boggling that the orioles on the heels of 12 straight losing seasons would do that. thethat is one reason people are not going out to the game. they have a good point.
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>> the orioles say the change was made because of a change in city laws, making the zone obsolete. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think about the orioles' decision to eliminate the scalp-free zone outside the stadium? e-mail your response to >> 6:10. coming up, the financial news. >> if you want to stop your kids from texting and driving, there is an app for that. parking job. >> all clear for now weather- wise. >> i am in shock from that picture. we're not dealing with any incidents at this hour. we do hav
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>> welcome back. the time is 13 past 6:00 a.m. the temperature down, 52 degrees. nice outside. clear skies this morning. a little cooler away from downtown. . all clear on the radar. some sprinkles in new york state. there is a cold front along the midwest. there is nice weather in between. sampling temperatures around the air. 43 at the airport. 52 downtown. cooler temperatures in new england. up in vermont and new hampshire, it is only 32 degrees. there are some cool temperatures to our north.
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look at the warm temperatures. st. louis, 72 degrees. 62 in chicago. warmer air is drifting in our direction. clouds up north in new york state. the storm system in northern iowa and a stationary front below cleveland, that is a warm front but it is not moving right now. it will drift into the great lakes later. south of it, some warm and humid conditions beginning to move up the mississippi valley into the ohio valley and eventually moving into our area. the weekend will be warmer than today. we will add humidity to the formula, especially by sunday. today will be delightful. then they get sticky. mostly sunny today. warmer than yesterday. the 79 will be the high
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temperature. is way above the average temperature. a lot of time to enjoy the weather. those clouds on friday and saturday. it thunderstorm activity will be mostly west of boston. it might get closer to us on sunday as the front approaches. -- it will be mostly west of us. here is the forecast. 82 today. mid to upper 80's this weekend. dry for us. humidity goes up. isolated storms west of us. saturday and sunday, very summer-like and pretty nice on the whole. the highest rain chanced on monday. starting to taper off on tuesday. these readings are above the average for the season.
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it will feel summer-like. let's check out the traffic situation with sarah caldwell. >> the traffic situation is nice. we have some police activity at lexington and fremont. other than that, looking good as far as your drive around the area. 49 around southbound 95 coming out of the north east. on 95 south down to 32 traveling through howard county. moving pretty well. let's give you pay it live view of traffic going southbound and moving nicely. no delays until you get closer to the beltway. we switch over to 95 at the fort mchenry pre harbor tunnel is running smoothly. >> thank you.
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20 people had to be treated for smoke inhalation inside a boston subway tunnel. the fire began in the section of the tunnel north of the downtown crossing station. authorities have not confirmed the cause. charlie crist is jumping party. he has been trailing in the republican primary polls to a more conservative candidate. his popularity with republicans plummeted after he embraced president obama in a rally. many think his chances of running as an independent improves his chances. a man found himself in a precarious position after crashing his car through the wall of a parking garage. he got his foot stock and
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because his car to go in reverse. the driver was not hurt or anyone down below by the falling debris. >> there is a fight threatening to spill over about milk. the national milk federation wants beverages to stop calling themselves milk. they want to rule that milk refers to what comes from lactating animals only. if you have a teenage driver, there is an act for that -- there is an app for that. it can detect when a car is in motion. it is a great idea.
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they do let users dial 911 in case of an emergency. a rush to purchase homes. jane king has that story and more. >> home buyers race to sign contracts ahead of the deadline. business is picking up. the credit is $8,000 for first- time home buyers. home buyers also have to close by june 30. stocks rallied yesterday. the benchmark index rose since march. the bloomberg maryland index had strong gains. one company struggle. they missed analyst estimates. the make computer security
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systems. impulse buyers are heading back to convenience stores. maybe customers feel a little better about letting go of some on increased volume declined has slowed down. hershey's said chocolate and gum sales increase. it may be tougher for teenagers to find a job this summer. federal stimulus funds are disappearing. about 3/4 of the federal stimulus fund to create jobs has been spent. this could mean a lack of jobs. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> some good news for bret michaels. doctors did not know the source of the hemorrhage that has kept him in the hospital. they say his speech is improving
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but he is not out of the woods yet. his manager is indicating he might resume his concert tour in late may. ""aohn lennon's lyrics to day in " " will be sold in june. -- lyrics to "a day in the life" will be sold in june. sotheby's said the song was revolutionary. the lyrics are expected to get up to $700,000. pressed i believe it. >> maybe we can put some money together. >> there is so much more i could do with $700,000. we will check traffic and weather. >> president obama leads the
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nation in morning to late civil rights legend. >> here's a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. it is a nice one outside. we do have some police activity
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to talk about all along lexington. watch for two lanes closed at lombard. you can see delays on 95 and on the west side. nothing significant on 95 south into howard county. let's see what is going on. 795 looks great. we switch over to 95. no delays to report here heading into the tunnel. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a nice morning this morning. and 50's.the 40's all the stormy weather is a way to the west of us. some warm temperatures moving into the area. we start the morning cool but not extremely so. the temperature range right now. by afternoon, it will warm up with plenty of sunshine. more details of the forecast as
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we go into the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> hundreds gathered to mark the life of dorothy height. >> she spent much of the last century pushing for equal rights. she has passed on butter legacy will be felt for legacy to come. -- but her legacy will be felt for years to come. >> she was considered the godmother of the civil rights movement. a moving service at times, even for president obama, who delivered the eulogy. >> she deserves praise in our history books. she deserves a place of honor in america's honor. >> he reflected on her life.
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>> look at her body of work. desegregating the ywca, laying the groundwork for integration in mississippi. strategizing with civil rights leaders, holding her own, the only woman in the room. >> she was surrounded by friends, dignitaries, and family, including her nephew. >> she was a good mentor and have the capacity to inspire other people to do the best they could. " she was born in richmond, virginia. she excelled in academics and led the national council of negro women for decades. tributes in words that included a not too were a signature style of colorful hats. >> she loved her flowers, hats,
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her daily sweet potatoes. >> we came to love her. we loved her stories and we loved her smile, and we loved those hats that she wore like a crown. >> a final farewell to a woman ahead of for its time. >> a tremendous example for women. . 6:28. there is much more to come in our next half hour. >> immigration reform could be coming to maryland. >>
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning and welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us. john collins has a quick look at the forecast. >> the sun is out. the temperatures are temperaturesto 10 degrees warmer -- the temperatures are five to
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10 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> could immigration bill back to come to maryland? >> the answer could be yes. jennifer franciotti is live downtown with more of the story. >> one group estimates will illegal immigration is costing well over $1 billion. one delegate is looking to enact a law similar to the one in arizona. patrick mcdonough it is leading the charge against illegal immigration. he is drafting a measure like the one signed into law in arizona. it requires police to determine the status of people. police would then be allowed to make an arrest without a public warrants. " there is language patterns
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after the federal law that says you cannot be engaged in racial profiling. >> some believe the arizona hill is illegal. >> people are outraged at what is going on in arizona right now. >> a recent study finds that in maryland, illegal immigrants cost taxpayers $1 billion in education, and $29 million for law enforcement. before mcdonough profiles his bill, he does plan to find out where others feel about the bill. the governor will be unlikely to sign such a bill should it ever crossed his desk. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> de boer will be shutting its
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doors for good this weekend. the doors will be closed. liquor board revoked the license after neighborhood complaints of erratic behavior by the owner. some othe closure goes into effect may 1. >> another councilman is looking for a promotion. he is expected to announce he is in the running for baltimore county executive. he said he will work to contain spending. he enters the race just over a week after another kicked off his campaign for county executive. >> the massive oil spill is inching towards the coast. kate amara has more from our washington bureau. >> some of that oil is starting
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to seep on sure. >> you can see where the oil is and where the oil isn't. >> oil has hit the mouth of the mississippi. more of it coming up much faster than first thought. >> when it comes to ensure, your issues -- when it comes on sure, it complicates thing. >> this is receiving top level of tension in the department. >> the navy said inflatable skimming systems. president obama ordered cabinet officials to the gulf today. >> the entire u.s. government is doing everything possible to determine its cause. >> stopping the leak could take weeks. eight relief well may have to be drilled.
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all offshore rigs are being expected. >> we expect them to be in compliance with the law and to make sure this does not happen again. " drilling on the relief well could happen as soon as today. back to you. >> a longtime member of the tv family received a special honored yesterday. >> through his personal and professional activities and his improvement. april 29, 2010, tim tooten day. founder of the christian ministries and he will be awarded his degree. to mark the occasion, jim smith
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awarded tim with a special accolade. our congratulations go out to the rev. dr.. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> congratulations to tim. let's check the morning commute. southbound 95 approaching 198, there is an accident blocking the right lane. we are down to 17 miles per hour. that delay stretches back. lexington at fremont, watch for ongoing construction. 48 miles per hour on southbound 95 coming out of the north east. let's go and give you a live view outside. 70 is where we have some heavy delays. the delay in starting to stretch back to the breed. we go to it live view of
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traffic. southbound traffic, the accident is prior to 198 and taking up the right lane. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we can see how much sunshine there is out there this morning. the sun is helping to warm things up. temperatures are running about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. 43 at the airport. 2 barometer the barometer is at 29.91. >> 44 degrees. take a good look at this ra bbit. this is a most unusual bunny. >> wow. we're still taking your answers to our water cooler question of
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the day. what do you think about the orioles' decision to eliminate the scalp-free zone outside the stadium? e-mail your response to
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and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> we showed you the world's earlier thisorse week. now we show you big jake, the horse.s tallest millet intimidating but he is no peace. the owner -- he may look intimidating.
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but he is no beast. it turns out jake likes to have horse around. >> me darius -- meet darius, roughly the size of a 5-year- old. he is so cute. he is the world's biggest b unny and still a growing boy. he is being fed lots of food. >> big enough to sit in a chair. that is really big. >> that is highly entertaining. >> interesting. we will check the morning headlines. >> we will also take a look at
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your morning commute. we have speeds down to 11 miles per hour. we will tell you why. >> there's stormy weather out to the west of us. we will check the forecast. the sun is shining. 52 downtown. 43 at the airport.
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>> welcome back. the three men accused of murdering ken harris are expected to stand trial today. the three men are all charged with first-degree murder. this was during an attempted robbery back in 2008. the trout was supposed to have
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started in january but was postponed. police have arrested two more suspects. troy neal traylor and olivari damon bradford are accused of being part of a group that broke into a home in towson and held several people inside at knifepoint bomb-making off with computers and cash. two others were arrested last week. there's no shortage of available seats at camden yards. the orioles eliminated their scalp-free zone around the stadium. tickets can be sold at or near face them. but now the price of tickets for sale on the streets is going up. >> that brings us to your interests of our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what
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do you think about the orioles' decision to eliminate the scalp- free zone outside the stadium? >> we will put more of your answers on the front page of that last one was from conrad, not me. some staggering figures in the housing market. the number of foreclosure filings has skyrocketed 141% in the baltimore area.
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neighbors gathered last night to talk about the impact those foreclosures are having on the communities. >> boarded up homes have become more common in baltimore city. families are forced out of their homes. >> as problems get worse, crime goes up. we are an association that is trying to better our community. ightcant house creates blad on the whole block. " people came together for a forum last night. they were looking for answers to specific questions. >> what benefits the community has to determine and what we can do and how we can deter this from happening. >> there were a panel of experts with plenty to share.
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>> the goal is to share a. we have representatives from organizations that are currently doing counseling, providing information for neighborhoods. quite the community leaders will take that information back to their neighborhood to get it to the people who are in need of help to prevent the foreclosure crisis from spreading any further. >> we can approach people by giving the information and direct them to direct resources have will help them. now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> we want to get you up to date in the situation on 95 in howard county. andhbound approaching 198, you can see we're approaching 10
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miles per hour. we will take a live view of that in a moment. light street at lombard still has some closures because of construction. southbound 95, 44 miles per hour per it look at the west side. you can see how have the 70 is. the delay from liberty down to edmundson. 95 south. 216, we still have a right lane 2 closure. lane95 as 2 95 as9 take 295 as n alternate. >> we will warm things up. look at where temperatures are now. we are warmer than yesterday. 43 at the airport.
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randallstown, 48. fort meade, 46. 47 at rock hall. a wider view, look at the warmer temperatures. st. louis, 71. chicago, 62. quite a bit warmer than here. up in new england, parts of vermont and new hampshire are around freezing. they have snow on the ground. good for them. some scattered clouds north and west of us. it is nice. here is the storm out west. this storm edges eastward over the weekend. it will be west of's by sunday. it will help to bring warm air in. we will notice by sunday the humidity will start to go off. it will feel summer-like by then. the mostly sunny and warmer today. 79 to 84 today.
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sunset this evening is at7:59. plenty of time to enjoy the nice weather. rain gets closer to us by saturday. on a whole, a very nice day. by sunday, we may get an isolated storm. most of the stormy weather will be west of us even on sunday. on monday, the rain chances corporate 82 today. we will add if you more on saturday and sunday. an isolated storms to the west on sunday. something could get closer to us by a son did. scattered showers on monday. it begins to taper off on tuesday. temperatures back in the 7's next week. -- temperatures back in the 70's next week. >> jennifer franciotti joins us
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live from the federal hill. >> patrick mcdonough has been a long supporter of immigration reform in maryland. he has drafted many pieces of legislation and now he is working on one that is similar to the one in arizona. police would be allowed to make an arrest without a warrant for any public offense. he says before he goes ahead with the bill that he wants to take a poll among maryland legislators to gauge their support. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. coming up today, oprah is taking her no phone zone pledge to the streets. that will be today at 4:00 p.m.
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here is meredith vieira. >> coming up, oil from the massive spill begins washing ashore as the the louisiana governor swears a state of emergency. we will ask whether the obama administration has done enough. what is the real reason charlie crist has decided to run as an independent? we will ask him. oprah winfrey will talk to us about her campaign to spread the word about distracted driving. that is coming up on it friday morning. >> 6:53. >> we will check the
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>> how is it looking outside? " the problem is 95 south in howard county per it is approaching 198 and we're down to pick 20 miles per hour. maybe things are starting to ease up. delays are approaching 32. lexington and fremont, police activity. let's check the drive times. 11 minutes on the outer loop. volume is heavier. eight minutes on the inner loop. this is a live view of the accident scene. things are really jammed and that the light will be there for a while.
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>> if you like yesterday, you will love today. we will add a few degrees. warmer this weekend. an isolated shower west of us on saturday. maybe some isolated storms on sunday. most of the rain will hold off until monday and tuesday. >> get out and enjoy it. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. be sure to tune into am 1090 wbal radio traffic. >> fault breaking news and weather any time and -- follow breaking news and weather any time and stay with us on
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